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You can register a regular account and later verify it with your company business license. Is the account visible in areas outside of China? In theory, Weibo allows setting up an account with a foreign number. Send over the signed forms and other necessary documents. You should be able to register using your e-mail address. my name is Jean-Charles, I'm French and I have created a company based in Hong Kong (Fayuzenmeshuo Limited), and a website (fayuzenmeshuo.com) for Chinese people to learn or/and improve their French. Weibo will send you a QR code to the old number. 20.4k Followers, 2 Following, 202 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 丁禹兮 (@dingyuxi.0720) Xiao Ding; Fuqiu Wang; Jiawei Zou; Yanqing Wang; Daojun Yuan; Xianlong Zhang; Shuangxia Jin ; Pages: 1862-1864; First Published: 04 May 2019; Full text PDF; References; Request permissions; Open Access. Beyond that... Stay up to date! However, you can still do it yourself by contacting Sina Weibo’s branch via email or WeChat, but be prepared—the process may be much longer and may require some back-and-forth communication. Is there anything else I could try? The platform is mostly used to follow social trends, celebrities (including online influencers), and more recently—news. I’ve tried using Facebook to register, but that also did not work, and I was unable to go through QQ either, having run into the same issue with my number not working. Lu currently has 41.2 million followers on his official Weibo account (@M鹿M). All it takes is some additional paperwork. One such mechanism may be through regulation of nuclear gene expression via the modification of nuclear DNA (nDNA) methylation. $21.99. trending-up Trending Now. We also recommend submitting your trademark license during the advertising application process. Q: Can my Weibo account be used to advertise on Weibo? Step 8: Click the link given in the email to complete the verification. However, this may vary depending on the country. A: The main difference is that a verified Weibo account has additional marketing functions compared to a regular account; you can see the differences in the table above. Agencies have an established relationship with Sina Weibo, and they will have gone through the process many times, making everything easier and faster. Build a following on WeChat, Weibo and Douyin. B.A.P opened their offical Weibo account, the Chinese version of Twitter, on August 20th and left their first post that reads, “Hello, we are BAP! Weibo is akin to Twitter with over 540 million registered accounts and 523 million monthly active users. Now Sina Weibo is making things a bit easier for people outside of China by permitting signing up for it via a Facebook account. We ran an advertising campaign on Weibo for Maersk Line, and in our first two months we received 9K followers and daily enquiries related to hiring. Setting up a Weibo Business Account. I understand with all the information above, you may still prefer someone lends a hand. The ICT industry needs to continue adopting unified technical and security standards. Audience centralization - no more imposter or fan pages that distract your audience. It’s often called the “Chinese Twitter”, but it’s actually more versatile. Below are the requirements directly copied from Weibo: We do it a lot, and based on our experience with Weibo, preparing the documents above is not necessary before you get in touch with Weibo, because your inquiry will first be sent to their headquarter, then forwarded to a local branch such as Weibo Hong Kong or Weibo North America. People are facing with the rise of fake or questionable news sources today. The only answer that comes to my mind is downloading the mobile Weibo app and signing up using your WeChat account. The fee is 1000 USD for most countries. My country is on the list that is allowed to use Weibo. That kind of makes sense, since both of them are microblogging platforms, where you can draft and post short messages. The cytosolic mtDNA then drives the activation of noninfectious inflammation. A macromolecular reporter whose near‐infrared fluorescence is activated by a bladder cancer biomarker and that efficiently undergoes renal clearance was synthesized. Allowed HTML tags: