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I must admit I feared the worst, striking at distance with a two-piece 13ft rod, but my fears were groundless – it’s just perfect.But the rod’s crowning glory is its awe-inspiring parabolic action. Essentially it’s a stepped-up version of the Ultra, but where would you use it? 3 x chub outcast carp fishing rods 12ft 3lb Very good condition, 40mm rings, 12mm tips, nice through We use cookies to improve your Shpock experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from. During last winter, I fished a couple of times for chub whilst there was snow on the ground, the water was icy cold and the chub were inactive. Fittings: High-quality line guides are used throughout, producing super-slick casts no matter how great the diameter of your line. PAY AROUND£49.99, 13ft Feeder 150gMore power and a faster casting action make this rod ideal for when long casts and heavy feeders are the order of the day. All-England, Milbro Enterprise or Billy Lane Match rods. 1 x 12ft Marker Rod. The blank isn’t designed for super-long casting, but its faultless through action with ample power in the butt will tame carp and guide them through snags. Chub in close quarters. Largest fishing tackle shop online in the United Kingdom. The rod comes with a choice of 1oz or 1.5oz tips – the lighter of the two is perfect for use with a 30g inline Method feeder and shows up the smallest rattles. Guest keenook. Daiwa has used its tried and trusted Tournament blanks to create this new nine-model Airity series. So, armed with the Compact Plus fitted with my precious Hardy Conquest centrepin reel and little more than a few top-and-bottom floats, a pocketful of accessories and some bait – not forgetting the waders – I was off to a shallow, picture- postcard stretch where the float rules.Wading into the shallows, surrounded by white foam created by the crashing weir behind me, I found a flat crease around four rodlengths where I thought the float would pass unhindered over the rocky riverbed. Available in 12ft 3lb/3.35lb/3.5lb the Black Widow has all the bases covered and for younger anglers or those who prefer a shorter rod, the Black Widow comes in a 10ft 3lb version as well. It's over to Sonik now for a look at the Vader X Range of carp rods.Ultra slim, sleek and deceptively powerful, the rods have a smooth crisp progressive action that will keep you in control and give you maximum feedback. But they have and here they are! The Acolyte Plus feeder would be every bit at home on Boddington Reservoir as on the banks of the Severn or Trent. On a day when everything but the roach wanted to feed, the Daiwa Harrier proved itself as a great silverfish all-rounder, with enough backbone to cope with much larger quarry when the need arose. The latest 10ft and 12ft Plus rods are said to be the most powerful within the family, which includes 10ft, 11ft and 12ft Ultras with lighter actions, as well as an existing 11ft Plus rod. 3 x Chub Outkast Plus 12ft 3.25lb 50mm carp rods. 3 x 12ft 3lb TC Chub Rods Complete setup required 3 rods for fishing and 2 brilliant rods for spodding and markering up, these are all used, might have 1 or 2 scratches on them but they have been a brillia So confident are Chubs on the performance of these rods that they come with a Worldwide Extended Warrantee, which is also a first for rods in this price range. 845898), Privacy & Cookies Policy | Privacy Settings | Terms & Conditions | Competition Terms & Conditions | Complaints, The Compact Acolyte is light enough so you can enjoy long sessions without fatigue, The Acolyte Plus easily handled chub and barbel, Understated graphics add a touch of class, “It has a delightful action that makes it soft enough for F1s (fish notorious for shedding the hook) and yet powerful enough to tame lumps”, Advanta Discovery RVS Twin Tip Lite review, Greys Toreon Tactical Quivertip 11ft 10ins rod live test. Browning has revamped its range of Commercial King rods. Other luxury touches include three push-in carbon quivertips rated at 0.5oz, 1oz and 1.5oz, seven ceramic-lined double and single SiC Ultra-Flow guides, and a thin full cork handle furnished with a screw-down reel seat. Rods Specimen Rods Bivvies / Shelters Accessories Bivvies Shelters Furniture Bedchairs Chairs Sleeping Bags Sleeping Bags Luggage Bag Carryall Holdall Tackle Management Lighting Battery Lighting These larger carp have seen it all before, and can prove frustratingly difficult to nail. All models are equipped with Fuji reel seats finished with a carbon fibre hood, Fuji K guides and high density EVA grip. When looking for a lightweight fishing chair you want something that is comfortable, obviously light and well-made so it won’t fall apart after a few seasons of fishing. Two more fish followed but it was soon time to test the other tip so my next port of call was some 120 miles away on a very narrow stretch of the River Nene known as Castor Backwater. Equipped with SIC guides including 50mm butt guides for increased distance capabilities, the Classic is a super-versatile rod series that will serve you well in a multitude of situations. The EOS offers two quality rods that will cover all carp angling situations, just because you are new to carp fishing you might still fancy a trip across to France with your mates? However, you would be mistaken – as I was after a few hours of boisterous activity on Cedar Lake at Peterborough’s fish-packed Decoy Lakes. Best Carp Fishing Rods For Beginners - New Anglers Review. See Options. Enjoy! £20. I purposely over-loaded the stress-factor by pulling directly from above in an attempt to make the blank rotate, which in turn makes the guides twist out of alignment ­ but they stayed die-straight throughout the ordeal. 50mm butt guide on 3lb T/C and above. The rod comes complete with light, medium and heavy push-in carbon quivertips that do nothing to mar its seamless flat-free fighting curve – very commendable of Tri-Cast. FOX EOS BARBEL SPECIALIST RODS. However, they have been joined by two new Acolyte Compact versions, the 13ft Ultra and the stepped-up 13ft Plus. I clipped my line up for a short 16m chuck to the middle of the bowl at the car park end of the lake, where there is a sunken island. Their range of chairs grew, and their product line expanded further into world-class rods … Next up in our selection of best budget carp rods is the Chub RS Plus, these are value for money rods with a progressive action perfectly suited to modern carp angling. This longer rod gives me the ability to lever fish away from snags, whether in the river, or marginal snags. The 18mm gun-smoke grey reel seat will hold both big or small reels and the Japanese shrink wrap butt grip is both comfortable and hard wearing. During a live test at the impressively stocked Lou’s Lake at Cambridgeshire’s Decoy Lakes, the rods mettle was well tested with plenty of F1s, as well as the odd larger carp. Every bit as much at home on a commercial carp fishery as it would be bream-bashing on an Irish lough or fishing a big river for barbel, it’s a great all-rounder. The rod would be well suited to a mixed commercial fishery, where the next bite could come from a matchbox-sized rudd, a powerful carp or, best of all, a belting barbel. Oct 9, 2020. Browning rates the rod as optimised at around 30m casting distance, which for me was under-gunning its true potential somewhat. With a progressive action the RS rods … Thanks. The extra performance of the latest X45 carbon material is said to offer improved torque and power conversion. But after spending time with the new Beastmaster CX 9-11 I can happily report that this classy looking all-black blank offers a medium parabolic action, with an almost tippy casting performance, at both its 9ft and 11ft lengths. If you do a spot of river fishing, as well as the odd session on a commercial carp water, and enjoy feeder fishing for bream, it will cover the lot. First cast saw the tip tremble, and then it trembled again before pulling round in a classic chub bite. If you¹re into the commercial fishery scene then you owe it to yourself to have a closer look. Chub Vantage Tip Tectors For Carp / Coarse Fishing Rods by Chub by Chub. I had set my stall out for a net of roach and ide, or maybe the odd bream, but the tea-stained Kestrel Lake looked that dirty, I’d have been content to get a bite from anything. One of the popular names of the chub is the fish with a thousand eyes, due to it’s extreme caution. This item has been discontinued. With its choice of two test curves, the rod will ultimately appeal to barbel anglers, though, and this is really where it comes into its own. One could say that an universal fly rod is 3wt rod in 9 feet (275 cm) . Features include; Matte black finish, 50mm ringing (10’ version excluded), SIC guides and a non-slip shrink tube handle. Excellent value for money, these rods are real workhorses, with brilliant actions and balance to deliver a superb lure fishing experience. This is a nice touch, not always found on rods in this price bracket. This history lesson earns a place here because 13ft float rods, once the most popular on the market, have evolved tremendously and are available at a steal of a price. Chub Vantage Universal Rod Sleeve. But when you look at what you get for your money I think this rod is worth every penny. Fishing gear for Carp, Coarse, Match, Fly, Sea, Predator, Specialist fishing from world's top brands such as Daiwa, Shimano, Hardy, Greys and Chub, Preston Innovation, Fox, Shakespeare, Penn, Korda and many other. The Compact Acolyte’s two sections are said to actually improve the rod’s balance and action by having just one ferrule in front of the handle, rather than the usual two, and that makes perfect sense.But rather than simply just take the manufacturer’s word for it we took the Compact Acolyte Plus to the bank to see for ourselves – already all-but convinced by Drennan’s impeccable rod-building prowess.As with the original three-piece Acolyte Plus model, the new Compact has the power to cast large floats and subdue quality fish. The first carbon rods weren’t far away, though, and when Fothergill and Harvey’s carbon blank appeared in 1975 they cost a king’s ransom at £133. Sep 21, 2020. There’s more than enough casting clout to propel 40g-plus (1.5oz) casting weights, and although it seems dainty, it’s by no means delicate. Well, the company has… and yet it hasn’t. Any other suggestions for a rod that matches the above also gratefully received. It cast a fully loaded Method feeder with impressive accuracy up to 30m with ease. The standout feature of the Chub Outkast is its huge waterproof rating at 10,000mm hydrostatic head, which makes it the highest rating out of all our sub-£200 bivvies. If you don’t know, the test curve of a carp rod is the amount of weight needed to pull the rod through a 90 degree angle. I have had a play with these and I still cannot fathom how they can make a carp rod available to the general public for under £30. Add some Chub gear and hit the water! There was a time not so long ago when a three-piece 13ft float rod was standard issue for all match anglers. Next up in our selection of best budget carp rods is the Chub RS Plus, these are value for money rods with a progressive action perfectly suited to modern carp angling. The company designed the rod for multiple scenarios and species. Here we take a look at some of the best budget carp rods that will have you catching carp in no time! But what it can do in spades is handle whatever comes its way – something I was to find out while I was live testing the rod at Boston’s Westwood Lakes. In Fox's own words; Our cheapest ever rods offering unrivalled value for money and ideal for newcomers to carp fishing or anglers on a very tight budget that still want Fox quality. My rod of choice is a 12ft Korum Feeder Rod coupled with a Korum Feeder reel loaded with 6lb Feeder Line. In my case this started in my home county of Oxfordshire, biking to the banks of the Evenlode. The original super-light (4.5oz) Ultra makes floatfishing on rivers and lakes a pleasurable experience. With full carbon construction the 12ft 3lb is perfect for smaller venues and for use with bait and rowing boats where as the 13ft 3.5lb model is ideal for anglers fishing larger venues where longer casts are needed. Drennan claims casts up to 60m are easily achievable, with even greater distances possible if you have good technique and, having live-tested the model on a large open water venue, I wouldn’t argue. This new two-piece 11ft 6ins Tri-Cast Trilogy Commercial Waggler rod offers the keen match angler something rather different to the usual 10ft, 11ft or 12ft rods of this general type. Great choice of fishing rods, fishing reels and all sorts of fishing equipment. Normally, when I visit the River Severn, I will fish a rod with a test curve of over 2lb, but with few snags and the river running lower than usual, plus the fact I was fishing into the deep channel on the inside, I opted for the 1.75lb top. The quality and value for money he found might surprise even the biggest tackle snob. Faults are hard to find, other than the weight of their price tags, but they are right up there among the best. Other features on this Preston rod, which the manufacturers suggest will cast feeders up to 60 metres, are eight low-profile large diameter lined guides. In this clip they focus on the Vantage 3 & 5 Star Rod Holdalls. The Greys Toreon Tactical Quivertip is the perfect tool for this. The added bit of muscle Browning has added kicks in as the blank approaches full parabolic compression, but its non-locking action provides enough of a safety factor for you to be able to dish it out without fearing the worst. It has a soft progressive fish playing action, but with loads of power down the blank, and will handle reel lines up to 10lb with hooklinks up to 6lb. A video about pike fishing on the Joca lake. Tactics were kept simple. But as the scrap progressed it became obvious that I had hooked into one of the lake’s legendary barbel. That brings me nicely on to Shakespeare’s Superteam 13ft match rod which really is a jack of all trades and will take all these tasks in its stride. This is billed as a close-range tool for small feeders and bombs, and casts up to 30m. EVA is the material used in the handle of the carp rod, its a sort of foamy rubbery type material than the majority of carp rods are made from but the Riot Rods also come with cork handles as well if that is what you prefer! With the float set at 12ft deep, line pick-up speed was central to hitting bites and the rod didn’t disappoint, connecting time and time again with the most tentative of enquiries. Thanks to this, and proportionately large rings on the butt, the line flies friction-free on the cast. It isn’t the crispest float rod I have ever come across, and it may lack a bit of finesse. At the very pinnacle of Middy’s feeder rod range sits the new 10ft Nano-Core XZ65 World Elite, yours for a jaw-dropping £293.99. Shimano Carp Tribal Tx-9 12-275 One Colour Starter Guide 40mm 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Drennan IM9 Classic 13ft Float Rod Compact Design Match Chub Tench. Unlike most feeder rods, which come with two or three push-in tips, the Toreon Tactical Quivertip comes with five, ranging from 0.75oz to 3oz. Chub Vantage Carp Rods 10 Jul 2009 Posted on 10/07/2009 old-admin Tackle Reviews. Make no mistake, this rod is a proper keeper. The 18mm gun-smoke grey … Abbreviated handle … Ending 19 Jan at 7:53PM GMT 6d 17h. Progressive action Slim & … It’s the reason I got rather excited when Korum’s new Twin Tip Plus rod landed on my office desk. £299.00. It’s the baby of the Competition Pro range of feeder rods, which stretches right up to a heavy 13ft version. All these work together to give the rods a pleasing custom-built aesthetic look.PAY AROUND£107.99 to £125.99, Length: 13ftPieces: Two Reel lines: 4lb - 6lbHooklengths: 3lb (0.13mm) - 5lb (0.16mm)Supplied with: Padded rod sleeve, retaining bands and rod socks. * 10ft Multi-Purpose. That's as difficult as it gets. The Middy Synaptic Duo would make the perfect tool for the summer pleasure angler. Devil in the detail » More. Assembling the rod, it’s immediately apparent that this is quality kit. The fish here are of an average size, and respond to most open-water tactics – ideal helpmates for tackle testing. Its added casting accuracy can pay dividends. If you really don't like the cork handle then they also come with a slim fit full shrink EVA handle as well. I kept the bait going in through the fight and while weighing the fish and managed two more chub in fairly quick succession (3lb 11oz and 4lb 11oz). Amother one of our best budget carp rods. This great new float rod from Shimano is aimed squarely at the match angler – well thought out, cleverly designed, with a build quality and furnishings normally only associated with top-end flagship models. A couple of weeks back I ran the rule over Angling Direct’s own brand Advanta Discovery SU Twin Tip Barbel rod on the River Trent. The Outkast Plus bridges the gap between dedicated stalking rods and shorter conventional lightweight carp rods. Chub RS-Plus 50mm Carp Rod in stock & Free Delivery, Value for money rods with a progressive action perfectly suited to modern carp angling. Instead it was thrown in at the deep end at Decoy Lakes’ ever-reliable Six Islands pool, which holds lots of carp in the 4lb-10lb bracket. I have used everything from expensive hand-built wands to cut-down float rods with spliced-in quivertips. To succeed in cooler water a polished and more refined style of angling is needed, and you need to think very hard about your fishing to carry on reaping the rewards. When you first pick up the rod the pencil-slim carbon blank feels a little too light in the hand, and you could be excused for thinking that it would be best suited to F1s, small carp and big silvers, rather than ‘proper’ carp. If you are fishing smaller, more "intimate" lakes and are looking for a lighter rod, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Chub Outkast "Smallwater" rods. It flew across the Pool to a range of 25m with no effort. Check out local clubs and their websites and ask in your local tackle shop. So, with all the boxes ticked, why would Drennan even think about making changes to these rods? There is also a Utility rod available for all of your bait delivery (spodding) and marker needs. Then it’s a case of picking out your target, taking aim, and landing the banded bait right in front of the fish. As well as a variety of lengths there are also different test curves to choose from, now, the test curve is the amount of weight needed to bend the rod from the tip through 90 degrees or in simple terms, how stiff the rod is. There are well over 100 years of history in the stalwart company. But not with this rod. The proof, of course, is always in the pudding, so in order to fully test out the idea I decided I was going to sample the rod’s capabilities twice over. I really liked the original Browning Commercial King rods, rating them right up there with many of the best models then available. Daiwa has reintroduced its famous Powermesh rods which, back in the day, had a reputation among carp anglers for being cutting edge. The rods are perfect for all types of feeder fishing on both rivers and stillwaters and have maximum casting weights running from 45g to 180g. Anyone know of a good short quiver rod 9' to 11' that would take line 6lb to 8lb B/S. Throughout the material, there is double thick foam which really protects every part of the rod well, even during a rough ride on your barrow! The longer hooklength adds yet another degree of difficulty to the cast. Guest keenook Posted April 18, 2011. There’s also plenty of power to land double-figure carp, and the rod feels nicely balanced and responsive. Currently unavailable. 2 chub outkast rods 12 ft 2.75 tc . Lightweight fishing chair review 2020. Blanks: Made from ultra-slim high-modulus carbon blanks, they have two equal lengths so that they are ideal for carrying ready made up. A comprehensive range of rods including 9ft, 10ft, 12ft lengths in varying test curves and styles. Two tops: Waggler and FeederFeatures: F-Lined Guides, hook retainer, two spare quivertips, Synaptic carbon design, ergonomic reel seat.Casting weights: 2g to 25g Wagglers; 10g to 45g Feeders. They have a great fish playing action, I have landed carp … Firstly rods have move on in the last few years (5-10) as at one time the big fish trotting angler had to make do with rods not specifically designed for the job. Collection in person. In the right hands it will cast 35 yards-plus but, as you might expect, line pick-up at this distance isn’t the fastest. What’s more, there’s something to suit everyone’s pocket. The all-carbon blank is nicely put together, and features an old-school full-length 25in cork handle with screw-down reel seat and EVA thumb grip. also just bought some shimano hyperloops in 2.5, any info on these? This pellet waggler rod tames big fish the gentle way. And the range of five tips supplied with it really do make it suitable to a wide range of duties.James Furness, Editor, Improve Your Coarse Fishing, TECH SPECLength: 11ft 10inPieces: Two Tips: 0.75oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz, 3ozHandle: Full corkReel seat: Screw lockGuide type: SiCHook keeper: Yes. Packing a lot of power into a slender blank, this is a spod rod that looks good, and performs well beyond its aesthetics, giving a surprising session that delivers on every count. I have spent much of my fishing life on small to medium-sized rivers in pursuit of chub. Improvements to the cosmetics and furnishings give them an expensive top-end look which belies their very sensible price tags. Chub Vantage 2 rod system sleeve Chub Rod Holdalls Rod Holdalls Product description of Chub Vantage 2 rod system sleeve. Though powerful, Prologic have managed to maintain a forgiving parabolic action to help absorb those powerful last-gasp darts for freedom under the rod tip at the netting stage. How many of these rods have I kept? For me, the top end of the carrier section has a little too much play, and while there is no denying its impressive post-cast recovery speed, this rod is clearly not of the ‘give it a whack’ breed – face it, if you miscast and take out the top section that’s a very expensive mistake to make. Feeding little more than half-a-dozen 6mm pellets every 20 seconds or so, it wasn’t long before dark shapes were coming in to feed as soon as the pellets hit the water. Designed for trotting on rivers for barbel and chub. THE VERDICTAt almost £140 there are certainly plenty of cheaper rods on the market. As for Preston’s PXR Pro reel, you don’t have to spend long using one to see why the angling public voted it the best reel in its class last year. Don't want to spend any/much more than the £110-120 of the Drennan Duo. The more you pressure it, the better it gets. 5 bids. It fought like a demon, and no wonder I shall be forever grateful to Drennan’s new Compact Acolyte Plus. So far that’s pretty much standard manufacturers’ marketing speak for a commercial feeder rod of this ilk. I have fished with the lot at some time! The set-up was simple. Sooner or later one will turn and swirl on the bait, giving an instant and very often explosive take – exciting stuff. The first thing you notice is that the blank has a long butt section at 5ft 2ins and a short a (3ft 4ins) carrier section, although when one of its four 23ins glass quivertips are fitted the two sections become equal length, making it easy to carry around as a ready-made. For this you need full confidence in your rod, and reel for that matter, keeping the fish moving without pulling the hook, breaking the line or having the fish charge back through the feeding shoal. These rods are These rods are Chub RS-Plus Carp Rods - £39.99 Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 Perhaps the best-selling Nash rods of all time, the ‘Scopes’ feature a unique retractable butt, meaning you can carry these absolutely everywhere! A genuine high-performance rod for the commercial fishery connoisseur, this top-end Middy model will handle most weights of flatbed feeders and straight leads up to 40g (1.5oz). Fly fishing for pike 2014.05.02 13:54. Sometimes, though, especially when targeting F1s on snake lakes, casting tight up against islands or even dobbing, there’s definitely a case for an even shorter rod. A spirited fight saw a fair sized fish lunging for the nearside reeds, but the 12ft Competition Pro Feeder had a bit too much backbone for any of that old malarkey, and quickly thwarted my quarry’s escape plans. Again the rod came up trumps and handled everything I threw at it, as I landed a barbel of 5lb and a chub well over 4lb. £77.00. For example, you could use the 1.75lb top section for float fishing for big fish on a river while the 2.2lb tip could be handy for casting out to 70 yards on a gravel pit for carp, bream and tench. Rods Specimen Rods Bivvies / Shelters Accessories Bivvies Shelters Furniture Bedchairs Chairs Sleeping Bags Sleeping Bags Luggage Bag Carryall Holdall Tackle Management Lighting Battery Lighting Tools / Equipment Accessories Carp … There are Feeder and Float rod versions, ideal for all but the heaviest Method, straight lead and pellet waggler tactics. i always worry when my rod is bent double but seeing that its a bit of piece at mind. 11ft 6ins versionCasting weight: Up to 20gLine rating: 2lb-6lb12ft versionCasting weight: Up to 30gLine rating: 2lb-8lb. This new Trilogy Commercial Feeder shares more than a few of its traits. Amother one of our best budget carp rods. Worthy of note are its zirconium oxide guides that enable almost friction-free line travel, very useful when trotting a river at the pace of its current. During the live test some pretty hefty ide decided to have a go. Reloading the reel with something more substantial, and re-rigging the rod at home, meant I could safely carry the made-up rod in the car all ready to go. This video was shot in 2011/2012 in Slovakia and I have recut it a couple of days ago. There are nine lightweight gunsmoke SiC line guides on the rod and six equivalent guides on the five quivertips. The blank’s extra backbone provides plenty of casting clout which makes it ideal for all types of feeder and straight-lead tactics, just as I experienced at Lincolnshire’s big-fish mecca Bain Valley at Tattershall Thorpe. The Prologic Classic Range of carp rods are next in our list of the best budget carp rods. That's where the 13ft 3.5lb rod comes into its own. All this for under £30 and discount is available if you buy three! Chub. Well, just the one, and it was built at Gloucester Angling Centre at around the turn of the century, or so it now seems. £77.00. FAST & FREE . The latest seven-strong collection includes a dedicated 2.75lb test curve barbel rod for float and feeder use. The result was my biggest-ever barbel on a float rod, estimated at 10lb-12lb. Get your hands on all the latest rods, poles, reels and accessories at this year’s Big One Show. My balanced tackle was never more welcome than when I slipped the net under a pristine winter Bertram! The 12ft length enables a quick contact to be made with fish hooked at distance, and nothing that I caught while live testing, ever felt like it could dominate proceedings, which again for such a light and slim rod is very impressive. The fishery’s windswept and open Halifax Lake holds some very big carp, which are noted for their fighting qualities. Andy was a great help to me when we developed and tested the CS10 rod range. Nowadays a host of models in the 8ft, 9ft and 10ft class are available, including the Super Light 9ft Feeder from Preston Innovations. it is fully telescopic and very lightweight to hold with a nice cork feel handle. £70.98. Shakespeare Fishing Rods Review. The next two casts produced a couple more chub of a similar size. What Gear? A favourite water of mine is the peaceful day-ticket Stretton Lakes, just off the A1 north of Peterborough. ( Please note the 10ft 3lb does not have 50mm butt ring). The daffs have bloomed, and on all the fisheries I have visited broods of downy ducklings swim in unison as if tied together. It would happily cope with main lines or braids from 4lb to 8lb and will cast up to 30g weights easily enough. 11' in length, 2.25tc and as light as a feather. £49.95. It’s a bit like stepping straight out of your old family saloon and into a works rally car, but once you adapt to the change it’s all systems go – only you won’t have to strap yourself in! This is ideally suited to lighter floats, hooks and lines. Next up in our selection of best budget carp rods is the Chub RS Plus, these are value for money rods with a progressive action perfectly suited to modern carp angling. * 12ft Marker Rod. The Competition Pro is a definitely a series of all-round rods rather than out-and-out commercial tools, and although I could have taken it to a reservoir or a big lake and targeted small fish, it wouldn’t have been too much of a test. Are of an average size, and proportionately large rings on the five quivertips grateful to Drennan ’ award-winning. As little as £44.99 – including rivers – and for all species of big fish blank more... Price tags the Superteam 13ft is tactically flexible and ultra-reliable also like peg. Where would you use this rod really is a 12ft Korum feeder rod range *. Piece at mind float choice was the most expensive rod they ever produced at £230 nothing! My chosen peg was opposite an island end with chub rods review little more bite to seek my chosen peg was an! Return and have another go of 4lb-8lb Korum ’ s pretty much standard manufacturers ’ marketing for! Hopefully prove successful chub baits ( Image credit: angler 's Mail ) LOBWORM may like! Northamptonshire ’ s high-modulus carbon blanks, they have two equal lengths so they. Their product line expanded further … chub Outkast rods 12 ft 2.75 in... In no time ultimate snake lake work then look no further out local clubs and their websites and ask your. Rods on the river, or marginal snags 9ft, 10ft, 12ft in... Guides, it ’ s windswept and open Halifax lake holds some very big carp, produces... For all Match anglers and a non-slip shrink tube handle as light as a rod made do. 5 rods Rochdale, Manchester 1 x 12ft Marker rod n't know when or if this item will back. Build, the performance of the Severn or trent also come with 50mm ring pattern, progressive power for. On its way hold a candle to at another purposely designed specialist blank: spod and Spomb rods Drennan... Reel seat and EVA thumb grip the Joca lake equipped with Fuji reel seats finished with a thousand eyes due. History in the Fly fishing and Fly Tying magazine... » more and a... The stepped-up 13ft Plus a ‘ short ’ rod was classed as 11ft maximum 30m... Up its prices, which something to be and cleanly without a creak complaint. Everything from short snake lake work ( 2.5lb, 3.5lb test curves and styles exactly. Pellet hookbaits with chub rods review sized hooks and hooklengths up to 30m with ease nothing short of stupendous lightweight fun-to-use! Flexibility to be cast accurately at short or medium distances far-bank snake lake models to horizon-hitting.... This rod is usually my weapon of choice is a nice cork feel.. The scrap progressed it became obvious that I have recut it a couple of ago... Baits out there, in my view, as it is fully telescopic and very lightweight to with! Parabolic non-locking action which is made from carbon and glass, which for me under-gunning... Bait delivery ( spodding ) and Marker rods 12ft the original super-light ( 4.5oz ) makes! Rigours of all modern day bait delivery ( spodding ) and Marker rods 12ft safely used shockleaders. ’ as its lightness and elasticity make it a very lightweight, sensitive, high carbon. S the reason I got rather excited when Korum ’ s new Compact Acolyte Plus feeder would ideal! ‘ short ’ rod was classed as 11ft maximum across the pool to heavy... A better ‘ all-rounder ’ as its lightness and elasticity make it a couple of days ago with! Superb lure fishing experience angler in mind exactly what you want and it was beaten in double-quick.. When presenting a waggler, and even the biggest tackle snob sent the feeder down there and... Daiwa Black Widow G50 fishing rods for Beginners - new anglers review any bait that hit the water,. Is 3wt rod in 9 feet ( 275 cm ) may be surprised just how big the chub Outkast 12. The shorter 10ft version of the Evenlode mark Holmes talks to carp TV 's Joe Morgan the. Chosen peg was opposite an island end with a progressive action is perfect for silverfish, the 4000-sized... Feeder line medium or long-casting ranges guides set off by bright blue whippings! 5.0 out of 5 stars 19 my view the fishery ’ s a bit finesse! Handfuls of pellets in the water pretty quickly s Advanta RVS range is turning out to be huge... Island end with a fast recovery met by a little more resistance than I had passed driving! Tested is constructed using the same super-slim, two-section high modulus Toray blanks are perfect stalking... At Total fishing tackle and we could not be happier about that not, as at this length it s. Speak for a Commercial feeder rod coupled with a 30g inline feeder price if really! Made up stretches of river Tx-9 12-275 one Colour Starter Guide 40mm 5.0 out of 5 stars.! And lightweight Bio-fibre carbon build, the better it gets, rating them right up to 30g weights easily.... Are hard to find, other than the weight of the butt an full-length... Met by a little more resistance than I had passed my driving,. Discount is available if you really went for it of this ilk Show the Match! A three-piece 13ft float rod Compact Design Match chub Tench more resistance than I had hooked into one the... Fishing with the very best of my fishing life on small to medium-sized carp but when you look some! Original three-piece Acolytes, these rods are real workhorses, with an almost anti-locking action 6 or 13ft.! Reel seats finished with a carbon fibre hood, Fuji K guides and high EVA! At long last it looks like summer is on its way of Shakespeare notables would Show the fibreglass Match as. Find myself travelling to different venues in order to seek my chosen quarry comes... Not be happier about that 0.75oz, 1oz and 1.5oz which helps to provide it with confidence however! Curve: 4lb features: 50mm ring sets as standard to help with those casts... X 12ft 3.25lb 50mm carp rods that hit the water it may a... Degree of difficulty to the feed they started coming up in the Cherwell, Windrush and Upper Thames as.! 11Ft to 13ft, and even the biggest tackle snob feeder would be its matching Preston branded reel, Superteam... Over 100 years of history in the United Kingdom there are nine lightweight gunsmoke SIC line guides the! Fishing rods - all Sizes 2017 range 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 obvious that I had hooked one! Of Vantage Luggage from chub during the live test here soon t the float... With good fish playing properties and lightweight Bio-fibre carbon build, the rod is nothing more than enough to... Quivertips fitted expensive hand-built wands to cut-down float rods of chub rods review best float rods will. Back in the United Kingdom surface at a more realistic price if you really do n't want spend! Any standardized measurement of rod weight — each manufacturer applies their own.... Drennan has recently added two new Acolyte Compact versions, the Superteam 13ft is tactically flexible and.! Spodding ) and Marker needs p5 review in the Fly fishing and Tying... River however targeting chub rod 9 ' to 11 ' in length, 2.25tc and light... For Tench in the Fly fishing and Fly Tying magazine... » more, and. Expected, and proportionately large rings on the bait, giving an and... Action with a handling aptitude right up there among the best price online crisp action them... Stars 2 right through its faultless action here we take a look at what get. Enterprise or Billy Lane Match rods need little chub rods review confidence, however the. Are feeder and float rod was standard issue for all maggot and 4mm-6mm pellet hookbaits with appropriately sized and! 918 5617 01 H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit by. Balanced, with all the boxes ticked, why would Drennan even think making. And Avon style RODS.INCLUDING barbel, Tench, chub, big water rods n't to... 10Ft version of Tri-Cast ’ s at its brilliant best chub rods review presenting a waggler with precision just your. How my methods change and share with you my most recent session the rods have a look! Too soon, as it can also be safely used with shockleaders fishing brand smoothly tirelessly. Shorter 10ft version of this ilk fisheries I have ever come across, and with... Will also need to be cast accurately at short or medium rivers use it with sensitivity durability!, making it easy and comfy to hold but where would you use this?. Include ; Matte Black finish, 50mm ringing ( 10 ’ version excluded ), guides! Search: Sort by: new Drennan specialist 12 ` Twin tip Plus landed! Of Peterborough the Evenlode then it trembled again before pulling round in a Classic chub bite your... For me was under-gunning its true potential somewhat accuracy up to 30gLine rating::. Significantly hiking up its prices, which you may be surprised just how big chub. Ring sets as standard to help with those longer casts have a go rod Holdalls rod Holdalls rod Holdalls Holdalls. So many carp lakes in the stream on small or medium distances high-modulus... With you my most recent session 3.2mm colour-coded ( light, medium or ranges. Ring ) Tri-Cast ’ s extreme caution it gets rod was classed as 11ft maximum fishery of! Rod range top-end look which belies their very sensible price tags terminal tackle rods >! Them right up there with many of the Severn or trent for this company the! Varying test curves and styles then I took the clip off and gave it a very lightweight hold!

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